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New french MTA gang

Guest keven128

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why must the french be so rude whenever they are in the FMJ server. I ask them to speak english and they are the only nation who ignore this request. One of my members wants to ban france from the server lol cos he is so annoyed with it :?

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It's kind of hard speaking a foreign language with friends in a game, English speakers don’t have to think or translate what they wanna say, they just say it, but anyone else, wtf is the point of chatting if you gotta take 3 minutes to figure out how to say something in English. Seriously what’s the problem? are you really gonna miss out on that much conversation?

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sorry but it causes more trouble than u could think possible. It generally disrupts the environment of the server, and cos its a UK server i try to keep it english only. These have always been the rules, and everyone agrees to them apart from the french :evil:

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i understand, it feels kinda weird playing in a server where all the chat is in some other language, but you cant blame the ones who cant speak english of course. lol, the reason I posted is cuz my nephew is french, but please continue w/ the flaming. hehe

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