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alot of suggestions

Guest daleyy

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Wile i was cruising mta servers i noticed that alot of things were missing and that it got very boring after mta 2 so i decided to come on the server and tell every 1 what i think should be included in the next version of mta

.Better Stunt Ramps

.more cars


.Multiple Hunters (easy to do)

.Better spawn locations (use more of the map)

.Better guns

.Better Admin console

.Better characters

.Boats :) (although you may not do because out of sync etc)

.Spawn players with better guns

. More Helicopters

.More players on Clients (36 players would be cool)

i am hoping some 1 will agree with me

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Better Stunt Ramps
Well... Maybe...
.more cars
What exactly do you mean by that? More models? Theres as many vehicles placed as is possible in the engine at the moment.
I think thats classified as a boat (not possible yet)
Multiple Hunters (easy to do)
Why? You can't fire from them, so they're just as useful as any other heli
.Better spawn locations (use more of the map)
Better guns
Better in what sense?
Better Admin console
I'm sure thats inevitable (this is only 0.3)
Better characters
In what sense?
Boats :) (although you may not do because out of sync etc)
As you say...
Spawn players with better guns
More Helicopters
More players on Clients (36 players would be cool)
Not possible yet.
i am hoping some 1 will agree with me
Possible... ;)


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  • MTA Team

This is just a list of things that would fit you personally and things that are constantly worked on, not suggestions. A suggestion would talk about something like for instance making the VC racing system work. I would have some sensible reasoning and significance behind it also, not just something like:

"FIX TEH LAG11!1!1"

Well of course they are working on fixing the lag, thats just a given. Its not like after they see this they are gonna go

"HOLY SHIT HES RIGHT! WE NEVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT THAT! Lets fix this lag right now, simple as that!"

Its not like until now they have never ever tried to improve on this. Make sure your suggestions are really suggestions, not just merely a list of things that are obviously being worked on anyways or something that you want for yourself. It has to be something that everyone would like, not just yourself personally. For instance, I know about 80% of people here think of the Hunter as nothing more than a n00b attracting nub weapon and they definatly would not want 3 of them.

:arrow: Locked

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