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[VCA] Vice City Army - ....Server details to be updated....


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Thanks Mike, PC is all sorted now after a second format and a very careful structured re-install. Around 4x the power I had before, long overdue and very welcome. :) The only dissapointing thing is the new hardware modem that wont connect over 36.6k yet! At least it is much more stable and I no longer time out of MTA servers.

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I wasn't sure wether to add you as 7URB®B or TURB®B, TURBOB etc, but I've added you as the first now. Let me know if youd like it in a different format :P

Shouldn't that list be updated? Scribe is gone, LMDJ is gone, Dusty is gone, Heck; Myself, Firefox, You, Turbob and Marcel are the only ones I ever see anyway.

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Scribe was me, added to the list so i could play anonymously without being accused of fakery! As for the rest yes it probably could do with dusting down and editing :P

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