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The Retirement of SSR


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Serious Street Racing Have Retired

As of the eighteenth of March twenty zero four (18/04/2004) I, Ben "Cerbera" Millard, am withdrawing the MTA:VC clan "Serious Street Racers" from all competitive AND casual activity.

The end really started back on the first of August twenty zero three (01/08/2004) when my parents prevented me from using the computer for five weeks. They then returned my access to it only to revoke it during January, give it back, then take it away again. They do this purely at thier own whim, I do nothing to provoke these punishments.

Due to thier actions I am totally unable to run SSR and the street racing scene never really came together anyway. Also, I have so many commitments to GTA modifying that I never get time to actually play the game either.

In the short time we had, we played a lifetime.™

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im pretty sure that you not being allowed to use the computer has something to do with you spreading your penis across the net :shock:

ask iggy, hes the one who saw it :shock:

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sorry to hear that. yours was one of the first gangs designed for stunting. you need to get yer own pc, that way they can't stop you.
The thing about getting my own PC is getting an internet connection to it. My parents own our broadband connection so it could still get messed with at thier whim, which would blow. There's no bloody reason for me to get my own PC though; they hardly ever use the machine we have now and there is NO reason for me not to use it either. And this internet cafe is really expensive...and it is a twenty minute walk here and another twenty back.

Best of all, it's windy and raining today and I'm so stressed I could explode! GRRR!!

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