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Upgrading support (18/04/2004 @ 14:10 CET) by Blokker_1999


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  • MTA Team

Today we are launching a first section of a new support system. A new support board. This board is devoted to giving support and will be heavily moderated! All problems should be posted there from now on. You can find the link to the board and some guidelines here . This board uses the same user database as the general board: you do not need to register.

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  • MTA Team

Commenting on about the support forums welcoming page, I don't think its a good idea to use abbreviations like "KF" and "SF" because I'm sure tons of people are gonna go... what?

Oh, and whoohoo for "me" :)

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  • MTA Team

So, on the index page of the new support system we have some nice red text just above the links, hoping that everyone would notice.

The ticketing system and knowledge database are not yet in use. They will be when we release MTA 0.4 . Please do not register/use them since we will ignore all tickets!

And wha do i find in my mailbox today:

Dear Blokker_1999!,

There is a new ticket opened at MTA :: Multi Theft Auto in the department named MTA Team.

Title : Record Gameplay

------- MESSAGE --------

Hey guys i just wanted to know what do u use for recording the game while u play

------- MESSAGE --------

Please try to answer as soon as possible.

Don't reply to this email. Its an automated email.

Best Regards,

MTA :: Multi Theft Auto

-- You have received this message as it has been enabled by you at MTA :: Multi Theft Auto

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I'm always up for a good tech challenge, altho the help requests seem to have really calmed down pertaining to the client itself right now. Last few help threads I've seen were server questions which I'm not so hot at lol. But then again I do know some networking stuff that's helped out before. Come .4 this could al change tho hehe.

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