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XIII Shooter Tournament


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Hey folks,

in this topic you'll see latest news about our upcoming tournament.

We are planing to organize a new tournament - a shooter tourney for teams.

You'll be participating with two other players in your team again, cause we thought, that you would like to play with your teammates from the previous tournament again - you're also able to choose other teams and teammates of course.

This time we gonna split up the fights for sure, cause it will be a mess when all teams are playing at the same time. We'll decide about the way we gonna play, so far we've got the amount of teams. Also the amount of rounds and maps will set later.

The date we gonna play is probably any sunday in january or at the latest in the beginning of february.

I'll be able to tell you the exact date in the beginning of the new year, cause then I'll know, when I have to work.

In the upcoming shooter tournament, not all players will get something for the participation like last time. This time just the three winner teams will earn something more than just honour.

Here a little To-Do-List for your registration:

Tell us your ingame name.

If you got a team already, then please also tell us the names of your teammates.

What's the name of your team?

Please tell us 2 or 3 of your favourite shooter maps.

Which time would you like to play on a sunday?

If you got any suggestion or questions feel free to post it here, furthermore we already wish you good luck and a lot of fun.

Best regards.

http://www.xiii-gaming.com/forum/viewto ... f=35&t=483

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