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Change IP?/Unban?

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Ive been banned from sum really good servers! (Elrods extreme Vice city server, and MTA official server) AND I DONT KNO Y?? : (

Elrods i honstly dont kno y but MTA official server mighta been 4 cussing ; ) but i wanna play in them cuz all my friends go to them and i wanna kno if i can get unbanned? i read sum of the other unban posts and they said contact the admin but how do i if im baned? so i was wonderin if i could change my ip for dial up w/o screwin my connection up. hmm plz help me im so bored not bein able to play in them :shock:

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i take that back it does change but im still banned????

i think the ip that your previous ip changes into, is still read as the same computer- i think you should configure your IP yourself; once jokingly banned from a friends mta server, i manually changed my ip and joined the server right away, works.

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