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A scary 0.4 testing moment

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There i was driving along as normal. parked up to pick up the shotgun as i always do when there was this bloody IMMENSE roar behind me:


I spotted him later near the sailors spawn.


Be careful peeps. It's not just the occasional cheater you have to look out for it seems.

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Wolven Carter: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=7827

Even the MTA devs are gettiung a sense of humour.

vittorio38544: wtf?

Wolven Carter: lol

vittorio38544: please tell me that was photoshoped

Wolven Carter: Um... no, that's really in 0.4

vittorio38544: your jokin?

Wolven Carter: Normally he's small, but he just ate a power pellet.

vittorio38544: omg

vittorio38544: what purpose does he play?

Wolven Carter: Um... each characters like a ghost, and he's AI, stop him before he munches up the cars and IT IS PHOTOSHOPPED!!

Wolven Carter: lmao

vittorio38544: blah

vittorio38544: jackarse

Wolven Carter: That was fun dood :D

vittorio38544: lol

Y'know, that doesn't sound like a bad game mode at all...

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