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Mr.Bump Strikes again. wojjie

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its seems I too am victim of an unfair banning.

I of course, visit the irc chan, where I inquire to why, get a single lined responce, and then completely ignored.

naturally, this is quite upsetting, as I have done no illwill towards the server, the people in it, or those running it. All I wanna do is play and have fun.

and while trying to show my point, I'm kicked and called a lamer.

I seriously suggest getting someone new to watch over the server. This dude has absolutly no sense of common courtesy, and shows absolutly no williness to admit he was wrong.

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I told you why you were banned when you came to irc. Nobody called you a lamer.

What else did you want? A two hundred word dissertation regarding why players who connect to the server then do nothing for hours other than take up a valuable player spots are not welcome? - Ah but you conveniently forgot to mention that here didnt you.

As I said before. There are hundreds of servers on ASE. I suggest you find an empty one. Then your pointless idling wont have an adverse effect on those who wish to actually play.

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Isolated incident.........was it intentional? NO!

And its not like you where monitoring for it, only reason you picked up on my wrong doing, was that I made a crack about it. It was a rash, unjust move on your part. I was actively playing in the Dallas server damn near 4 hours last...and rest assured, not all of them where playing that entire time...some quite a serious bit longer than others. Yet, no one else got a ban.......

Like I suggested before, perhaps you should take the time to introduce some idle protection, so this shit doesn't happen again......to anyone. Because believe it or not, this is a bunch of horseshit.

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So let me get this straight. We are at fault for your idling? You claim to have 'forgotten'. shows how concerned you are about wasting a slot. Also odd that you appeared in irc not 2 minutes after being kicked. Had you been paying attention you would of course have seen 3 others get kicked for being idle for over 30 minutes.

As for having monitoring, we do, they are called Admins.

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