I can't see any player blips in F11

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Two days ago I decided to install new windows as my old one was too slow, after installing it and making everything fine, I've decided to install MTA once again, but the version I have was too old, so I went and downloaded last version from http://www.mtasa.com

After installing it and joining the server, I found that I can't seee any blips in F11, no idea what happened, it was working fine and no problems with it. I realised that I'm not the only one who suffer from that problem as I found 3 or 4 topics about them in X server forum, but no one was able to help them nor me, so I hope anyone here can do it.


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Does the problem happen in more than one server?

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Does the problem happen in more than one server?

I don't join other servers as it's against my Staff rules, but I just tried and it works fine, it seems the problem from my server, I will try to contact the owner once again.

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The script hasn't changed at all though, the client simply updated their MTA, I checked performancebrowser client stats and it says that the script has created the blip element for each player and the custom group blips are still there which means the client must be aware of the players positions and there isn't even a way to make blips invisible on F11 by script, very strange bug.

Edit: I tested it myself too and confirm this bug is only in newer nightlies, we narrowed it down:

5968 - works

5972 - doesn't work

Edit: After playing around with blip visible distance it seems that a behaviour change in this function has occurred as blips would appear on F11 no matter what but when the "Player Blip Distance" is changed in /settings if it's raised high then they become visible but not all the player blips are and if you lower it, you'll see that more appear nearby you as if there is some sort of limit to how many blips can appear on F11.

Edit: Can reproduce on local server.

crun a = createBlip(0, 0, 0)

crun a = setBlipVisibleDistance(a, 100)

Can't see on F11 when further than 100.

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