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The most flat out insult you have ever given me. I don't know why you are on your period but why don't you get off my back. Well I don't care, I'll just warn/ban you if you can't. Maybe being a mod is bad, but it is nice to know it means I don't have to deal with your attempted forum drama with me. Now go realize that "its just a game" as you said in the past and go tend to KFC. Don't be mad that I bite back.

Last time I looked we were on good terms, then this comes out of nowhere. Well, perhaps I am an imbecile, an imbecile for trying to be friends with you again.


BLASTA is just about dead since xerox/mrbill are pretty much disconnected from MTA now :P

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Don't make me crush you ransom, god knows I still can.

Blasta can be declaired pver when you take it from my cold dead hands! and before that happens I plan to ban the lot of ya! :-D

Blasta isn't dead, it will never die. If I cease to exist Blasta will live on.

Blasta isn't just a "gang" consisting of some of the greatest minds** of our time, it's a way of life.


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Ransom relax...

you said something dumb and I poked a little fun at you

Then you abused your mod privs by warning me for nothing and I pointed it out

I am not really upset or trying to start shit but don't think I'll just be officially warned for hurting your feelings right after Mr.Bump did the same thing and not comment back to you.

it's ghey to use your moderator privleges to punish people who call you names (in gest)

Sad but true...

And Blasta is ALIVE

I am barely active in this forum anymore thanks to your type of moderation... just learn to take a joke... heil ransom

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If you call that a joke you have a sick sense of humor. It doesn't help when you reinforced it with a previous message implying that I'm a complete idiot. There was no hint of humor at all in that post (maybe the one before it but not that one).

Mrbump was way out of place saying that and it was pretty shocking to be honest. That was pretty much like a black guy walking into a KKK rally, what do you do? However, theres nothing more I can do than whine to IJs and have him say "Okay MrBump calm down", leave the room, and leave him be again (due to the communism all-are-equal team rule). Might as well not even bother. It was nice of you to jump on the bandwagon though and call it a 'joke'. Since whens calling a moderator a complete idiot not a warnable offense? Anyways I took it off so just make like a bread truck and haul buns.

If you want the truth about that post well.. I really did a speedy reply and I dont even think I saw the first half, but man you guys really did grill me for one post, cheers.

ps mrbill fell for my evil trap to bring blasta to life again (before another half month sink period).

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better to say nothing and have people think you are a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt

^^, ahh a great KungFu quote. As to the topic, Ransom just take a joke. Give it a week and you'll be over it. Seriously, this will mean nothing to you in a couple of days. Just end it, don't say nothing back and it's done.

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Sorry to intrude on your thread xerox and bill but:

Ransom just calm down, you cannot give people a warning simply because they made a snide insult regarding yourself. If I did that there'd be hardly anyone left unbanned on the forum! My advice? If you are losing a battle of wits due to lack of ammunition then retreat/ignore, dont fall back on your mod abilities.

Now back to regular BLASTA business:

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Well, you should know, as you banned me when I first came here for calling you an asshole :lol:

I know you guys are like bunk buddies lately, but whatever. I've taken many remarks in my day but that one was flat out uncalled for. Especially as it was repeated to my count 3 times (that I know of, who knows how many elsewhere).

If you guys mark intelligence by one post out of oh.. 3,200, you must be the ones that are educationally 'subnormal'. Also, lets not forget I'm talking to two guys that are ten years older than me and still sitting around some damn forums, so please don't tell me you guys are about to win the nobel peace prize.

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Well, you should know, as you banned me when I first came here for calling you an asshole

Actually you were banned for going on a multiple posting spam spree then creating a new accoutn to get around the initial temp ban for doing so, as I'm sure you recall.

Personaly I think kungfu smells, so I'm not sure where u get the bunk buddies thing (Not sure what that means, but its probably offensive)

As for our age, and sitting on a forum, I dont think iquite understand the point you are attempting to make, is there an age limit to gaming, or to using a forum?

Overall you seem to have totally ignored the advice to calm down and ignore the situation and instead opened up the arena and attempted to insult me as well. Not a particularly constructive solution as I'm sure you;ll agree.

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Indeed I did spam but as you warned me, I said "something something asshole" and then you were like "I was just gonna warn you but now you're banned" or something of that sort. I just look back at it and laugh all the time.

Comeon now calm down.. the insult was a joke, right? Well.. now you know how it feels.

To be quite honest, I can take a joke and take it well, but with the Internet and the text inserted, how is it supposed to be taken as a JOKE when KFG posts something like that?

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I do smell

It's a mixture of BenGay and OldSpice that us ancient types normally stink of...

Maybe it's because I am a tad older than some people around here I don't know but... I think it's lame to be in the prime of your dating, seed/oat sewing life and to be stuck online arguing with guys... If I wasn't already taken by the lovely Mrs Fu I wouldn't be in this forum.

I'm not going to judge thou I am sure you are a happening guy Ransom. Im just glad that there is no way you could reach me with your high powered rifle in that clocktower all the way from michigan.

Your emotional outburst has revived this long hibernated thread and for that I thank you.

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Okay well thankyou for your feedback. Now that I know you have taken the age insult well (I actually got KFG to write an explanation) I will take my leave. Maybe now he can understand how absurd a similar kind of remark was to me.

btw I live in Indiana now

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If I wasn't already taken by the lovely Mrs Fu I wouldn't be in this forum.

funny how women have a way of 'grounding' their significant others with such force. you're right, i wouldnt be around either if it weren't for mine....

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Well, don't want this thread to die on such a sad note, sometimes I forget only playing really matters, therefore no warning and back to blasta being blasta :)

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I was in the [bLASTA] server and your admins are all noobs.

They banned me for pwning them joo suck


KungFu: good fight

[bLASTA]MB: you lagger

[bLASTA]X: you suck

KungFu is banned by admin [bLASTA]X reason: you pwned us and we hate you for it


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