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both are fact, and your still allowed to shoot indians, but only from a covered wagon - and you can beat your wife, but only with a stick no bigger than your thumb..... only in america =)

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Official B.L.A.S.T.A Memberlist

Updated 03/26/04 - In Alphabetical Order, sorted by leaders, active and honorary members.


:shock: Mr Bill - Co-owner

:twisted: Xerox - Co-owner

Active Members:

:twisted: Ransom

:wink: DeathB

:arrow: DGtaDude

:D Iggy

:?: IJs

:P JohnnyBlaze

:!: Mad_Boy

8) Me

:lol: Mikiro


:oops: Xenex

:cry: Keva

:x KungFuGrip

:shock: Kent767


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kungfu the only thign you forgot about is what its like to get some ass,

ps whats this warning thing by my name, i think it's kinda cool

pps f u

3 words for you my shaggy from scooby doo looking vaginaly challenged friend.

In house pussy 8)

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