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B.L.A.S.T.A / Hall of Fame - Invite (only members may post!)


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*walks into chan and bitchslaps those on this page*

Bill and I in the end have the final say on blasta memberships, I am happy with each of the choices made regardless of how they were made and the situations leading up to them

hardly anyone disagreed with death entering blasta at first

as for new members I won't be lookin at that for a while

now back to the randomness =P

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and just as everybody kinda turns up all at once they all leave the next day?

Why did I issue a key to every member so they can just walk in and out when they please? - should have locked it from the outside when they were all here =P

anyway - we is not dead ****BUMPAGE***

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yeah yeah - we all kinda went away - but now the MAIN MAN of vck, an original BLASTA member, the MIKIRO... he is back I tell you, back to pimping all you lame glitchers in the 0.1 stylee

thats right, *BUMP*

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Im sure xerox will get around to saying if there will be another one or not. I would be up for it in like two weeks. been out for a long time and need to clean the dust off my skillz :P plus in the middle of playing SA so hard to draw my attention away from that.

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pretty much j/k

as for the gangwar, X... you have a bigger chance of being struck by a donkey cart with a pink parasol than getting us all in at once, but if all the planets happen to be in alignment, I cant see why not, but dont make any plans yet, lets wait for some of us to acually be on

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Aw don't worry Xerox we still care :) I fixed all... (lol at xerox's 3 posts crunched together)

Well no more using "I WANT A WAR" to post in here, cause obviously we aren't going to unless there is a circumstance in which we all decide to fight at the same time (and I probably will not do that cause of what happened the first and only time).



p.s. pretty much all of BLASTA has ban powers (reinstated) now so don't let us test them out on you ;P j/k

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