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[SM] Stunt Masters Renewed and coming back hard.

SM xenex

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Stunt Masters

We are one of the oldest gangs around .Our member list consist of 16 members.All of which are active

SM was Founded in august of 2003

SM was started as a group which friends could join to be able to get together and stunt,

this however quikly changed , and SM became a force to be reckoned with.


Joining Methods

1. First of all you can post a reply Here

2.You can also talk to any of us in game.

3.You can visit our irc channel here


Our Headquater on Liberty city is Marco's Bistro

Our headquater on Vice City Is the boatyard behind 8Ball shop.

Our site is:

Stunt Masters site : http://www.chaoswolf.net



1. No cheating allowed.( includes cheats on stunt servers,map packs, car boosters anything)

2.Muliclanning will not be allowed while in SM

3.Respect fellow SM'rs , they respect you.


Member List


SM G - Force : Stubby

SM xenex : M-16

SM Boss : BaseBall Bat

SM Official Testers

SM Gulag :Golf Club


:!:Stunt Drivers

SM Mc Coy : Any Weapon

SM SportGurl : Any Weapon

SM BiZaRrE : Any Weapon

SM Slash : Machete

SM DjGta : Baseball Bat

SM Smacktard : Katana

:!:Hired Guns

SM Storm : M60

SM Sculay :------

SM TheWay :Any weapon.

:!:Street Racers

SM HAZJ : Any Weapon

SM Stinger : Rocket Launcher

SM Wampa : Shotgun

:!:Honarary members

SM Bootlgr

:!:Inactive members (away with reason)

SM Goat

We hit em all!

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Great,new thread :)

But hey,our thread didn't deserve deletion,we didn't spam in here! :roll::wink:

Btw:Could you change my fav. weapon to the Baseball Bat?

(Hey I haven't used the spaz massively since,well,dunno,but it was before september :lol: ).

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Would Stunt Masters recruit a Graphic Designer? Basically for any members wanting a Stunt Master signature and other related graphical work. If you would like to see what i can do, you can see some of my images on the forum somewhere. Wouldnt cost you a cent. PM me now!

cRuMpEt dEsIgNs 2004

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Mmm, I dont like it that everything is erased.

btw, my fav. weapon is the stubby, and I guess SM-Dan isnt with us anymore (not that he is death, but you know..). Correct me if i am wrong

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lol storm :)

Well you mean that he is inactive or that he left?

I know he is inactive but if he left i didnt know about it.

In the last post before the threads got deleted i posted :

Ok guys event again on this friday, previous week didnt go so good, not many people came but anyways, i want to know what accivities you guys want to do on this weekend, remember the ideas i had in the pm's and emails i send you guys? well choose one of them or give your own idea so we can know what everyone wants to do.

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likewise, just got my comp back and my VC is sitting at my dads work (Where they fixed our comp, VC was in the CD drive still =D) and my dads gone to "Kamloops" stupid... well actually im glad hes gone.. but... yeah... =D

and yeah i guess my fav weapon need changaroonieing. hmm... My Face!

LoL that works everytime!

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