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Some gangs threads were nothing more than thinly disguised spam threads, with maybe 15 to 20 % actual gang related posts.

This will not be tolerated and has gone on too long.

Your gang thread is for gang information, membership applications, member discussions regarding gang news and decisions etc. NOT for pointless spam.

The worst culprits seem to be the larger older more established gangs. The exact people who should know BETTER. We are not willing to spend over an hour sifting through the thread to delete the spam, so they are gone totally.

-From now on your new threads will be watched closely anyone seen to be spamming either in thier own or other gangs threads will be dealt with.

-This forum is gonna be heavily moderated. All gangs are allowed to post 1 topic to show they are alive and to recruit.

-No verbal wars allowed!

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What a great idea Mr.Bump. A fresh start, man I should of thought of that. I think this was awesome.

Sure I had the biggest gang thread and I have been fighting to keep it spam free for months. Sure I spent a long time trimming the fat off of that thread last night . Ok maybe it had a history of all of my and my gangs accomplishments since it started but just up and deleting it was a wise and I am sure well thought out move.

Good work as always

It must be an awesome feeling being so perfect

I won't be starting a new one... Batman/Wheel can if he wants

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The worst culprits seem to be the larger older more established gangs. The exact people who should know BETTER. We are not willing to spend over an hour sifting through the thread to delete the spam, so they are gone totally.

wtf? [LsL] Aint the most elite gang and my thread is gone! :cry:

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  • MTA Team

I wish you would have warned me, I worked so hard on making that first welcoming post for the VCP topic

:cry: 178 edits on that damned thing

I totally agree with this, but I don't like the way it was done. You could have at least warned us if we wanted to save any information.

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  • MTA Team

Dark, not very wise to spam here. I can tell bump is pissed off.

Anyways, the other thing that gets me is that BLASTA was deleted... but I suppose we had lots of intruders, I guess if the new threads are monitored, it will stay to invites only like it was before.

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why the hell did u delete the blasta thread huh that was one of the main sources of spamming i dont cvare if u ban me now coz im finished with mta so fuck it

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Instead of you guys stop complaining just start new and learn from this experience , and you guys know the rules of the forums if you dont , you should, and the "shitty" gang threads have no reason to be removed they are there and will just die and eventually removed , so its not really a point to compare.So read the rules and folow them and you wont have nothign to worry about.

PS: Dont any of you dare to say im saying this just because my gang thread didnt get deleted.

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just a thought maybe a stupid one...

how bouth next time you guys have that cleaning time of the month you could inform the gang leaders so they can backup important stuf.. hell maybe not even inportant stuf but things that make a clan... qoutes, gangwar scores and so on and on..

Think this is not a wise move, but that's just my opinion... and do not slap the rules round my head couse I know them.

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Just exactly how many warning do you guys need?

The forum rules are plain enough.

blokkers announcements re abusing the gang forum are clear enough.

xenex's posts INSIDE your threads were clear enough.

Some individuals getting postcounts reset, warnings via PM even temporary bans from the forum for it. All clear enough.

So you lost some 'important' information. Perhaps that will FINALLY bring it home to you that you DO NOT SPAM in gang threads. But thats a pipe dream right? Give it a week or two and im sure the spam will start over and yet again when the rule breaking is dealt with by a moderator im sure you will all be blind to the fact that you broke rules, and just cry 'man you suck'

It's done. If the spam starts over itll happen again. Those people whove sulkily said theyll 'quit mta' because of this. well you are laughable. It kind of proves the point that to YOU mta means 'a forum to spam in!' not ' a game to play'

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but blasta IS a spam gang, so why deleting spam of a gang that's made and known for spam?

and it should be that invite only thread really ARE invite only (lets take blasta as example again)

EDIT: i also forgot that it is unfair to the gangleaders that didn't spam their own thread (much), but other members of the gang or just not-members that spam a thread, so the gnag leaders that didn't spam (much) should have get a pm, anyway that's how i look at it

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eeehmm how bouth this one.. I don't care if sum guys get pm and post count resets..

hell please do reset mine couse I am not here to have the biggest count of you all.

I am here to post in our thread, with gang related stuf.. like scores funny things that happend and much more..

couse I like to think of this as one big happy mta comunety..one that talks bouth stuf..

I aslo think I for one did my best to keep the spam out of our thread.,.. but maybe you have a different opinion to that one.. that's your right..

BUt I think it's my right to to complain bouth you deleting all our post with out a warning..

And don't come back telling me you did warn us couse that wass like 3 weeks ago..and I did my best to keep the spamm out since.

Well that's my piece...

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well iv said this once, so il suggest it again.

the ulk thread got spammed sure, but how exactly was i supposed to deal with it? delete the posts? cant. edit the flaming posts to say please dont flame in here thus avoiding a flamewar? cant.

fact is we have very little power over our own threads. all that we can do atm is ask that the problem wether it be spam or flaming be taken care of and then pray that the mods see it soon enough to take action.

so heres my suggestion

i dont know if this is possible, but give the gang leaders mod status over only thier own threads. that way the responsibility falls upon them to keep it clean. and it is possible for them to keep it clean.

if the forums dont have an option for that then i would suggest doing a system simular to what gangsofgta.com has. create a subsection for each gang and give the leader mod status over it.


feel free to tear at this idea or whatever else suits you. but i dont feel its fair that when our threads are spammed in/flamed in we cant do anything about it.

anyways thats my suggestion, feel free to add your comments

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ok now to all of you: bump deleted ALL the gang threads, just to keep off the whining about "why he didnt had his thread deleted?".

take one of the smaller threads, such as vces, they had no spam in there, but it was deleted. just start your threads all over. it isnt that hard.

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