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My Funny Clan Comic

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Hey this is one comic i made when i was bored lol

read after the numbers in the comic so u understand

u may not understand comic 4 number 6

but Read here couse i wrote wrong.

Hey dont try take the bike ITS

my now, im slow but i going to mess

you up, if u dont stop run after me...

















if u want always nice with some feedback write under this post

this is only for fun no negative comic :P a laugh thing.


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dont know i hadint all clans on my mind only Remember some

and my internet didnt work but who that wants its only to contin

the comic with the paints pictures and put text on them

Gta3-Mtavc comics only that u contin with the story actually its an story but i didnt put more text to say what happens heres litle....

Here the MTA comic Clans Story made by ///Benji///

One day for 16 years ago it was a city named city ViceCity

and there where many "gangs" clans (Sters) :roll:

one off tha big gangs named mta team they arent a gang they are team together and they wane some drugs then they hierd a guy

hes name was guerra he was a monkey and he telld tmm

about that then they givd shit in the drugs "heroin" they wanne real shit

marijuana "weed" they seent that guy on the picture buy

marijuana can they trust him?? answer is noway couse he is a payhead

he took all weed then took plain gone too mexico,

MTA team havint get thers money or DRUGS :evil:

they pist off on guerra they hierd VCES ambulance undercover

like Twix MM Twix anyway VCES was undercover if they compleate this they get the money, but kfc WAS at a cafe and saw Ransom say

hahah VCP won the match we had hahah then KFC Kungfugrip

sad we going take the drugs, KFC like other things than chicken,

They like Drugs!!! so much couse they be hige and fly,

VCES have many contacts but this one says he sell his own shit good loard

are all crazy!!!Ransom sad hey Nice bike then he walks slow 30 yaers later he took the bike but the owner pounch Ransom then ransom bet the shit otta the fool, he says Hey Dont try take the bike ITS my now....

Tupical Ransom.... after i joined VCP i went streets and killd alll girls that calls me handsome dont know why and call them Bi##hes

Befor the party all in SM drived with bikes on us other they wanne drive over us and kill us then Mrbump kick them outta Mirc and they join a

Stunt server and play cute drag queen, WTF i saying its a gUY :oops: oops!!! Enyway... ULK many say they spam some in ULK do Right but now they talk but no sound most be something wrong i have no clue what they say. the company Sierra and Rock (*) make a game named

Miami Counter Killers, an world game swat soliders with guns and weapons, who going get the credit off the game then ---> rockstar

= SMART, couse they have a idea lets say the malibu is MiamiCounterKillers and sierra dont want hug Rockstar then he dont get malibu=MiamiCounterKillers so who gets the game Rock (*)

Sweet End

it was a story but i wrote litle to the pictures but now i put the whole story.

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:x Prokopis STFU, dont think u smart.

Yes i maybe not good on english, but im betther

than u too make a comic u havint show a comic

in here dont say u can make betther couse i spelld wrong??

Paint your own then we can see, hate noobs like you :?

Prokopis is smarter and better then you. :twisted: You should stop being a moron. :roll: Go to school and learn some english. :? Just because Prokopis gives his personal opinion you blame him for being negative.

What is wrong with you. :? Grow up ffs. :(

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