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Questions about 0.4...

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* how much will be synced in 0.4 compared to 0.3 ? What will be synced in 0.4 that was not in 0.3 ? Just out of curiosity

* what priority will cheat detection have in 0.4...and how good will it work ? What will be done to prevent cheaters and trainers ? What about banning and kicks ? (With the usual concerns there....)


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Wait and See

We dont say whats going to be in until we know it definately is. And we dont usually know that for sure until right before the release. As i've said before everything can be working nicely until something new is added and breaks half the old stuff.

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not soon...i just saw somewhere that they still

working on the net code....i thought they finished with it

and just making final testing...damn i dont think that we

will see new mta this month, thats sad...very sad :cry:

That what you saw was somethign a fakeBump was saying in a server.

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