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RE: Global Ban List

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I used search but only found advice to use search, so a reply/link would be nice... anyways

Recently, i was banned on a server for allegedly cheating, when in reality i was just having a better than usual fragging session. My fear is that once a global ban list is instated it will root out not only real cheaters but also legitimate players who rouge admins have issues with. I know you guys(mta team) are working your asses off for us (mta users), so no criticism here, just some concern over the potential consequenses. If any admin can place any user on this global ban list, I would suggest that there be some sort of appeals system as well, so that us legitimate players dont get shafted

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Well this wont happen since the list will only be made from the peple banned from the officials , and all the admins of the officials have a lot of experience in the world pf ta/mta , and i dont think that it means as soon as you get banned from it you will make it to the list , this will of course go tru some "screening" ( hopefully by then you will get the reason you got banned and by whom in the log) Cause you could be banned for being lame ex: mass cursing,being rude to admins ( a temp ban woud do in this case) text flooding ( temp ban) etcetc you get the idea.Banned from officials will mean just that banned from the offial, now if the team thinks your a "threat" to the rest of the players then you might make it to the list, And also it has been said that it will be optional to run your server with or without the global ban , so yo would still have a chance in some servers.

I have no real fact to base this one im just giving how i think it would b done, but im sure the team doesnt want innocent people to suffer.

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the master ban list is an idea the team has tossed around, however we have made no attempts to actually implement this, for obvious implications regarding the community, and the lack of a way to discernably verify a cheater (at this point). So we do not (at least any time soon) plan on implementing the ban list.


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How about player register with any given server with a username and pass that is registered to them and generated by there HD's key, that way only a valid user who is registered could use your nickname and you have some way of verifying the real person, to solve the "what if they switch computer's / hd's" have them register a secret answer to a question they make up such as how yahoo does to verify who're you for a lost password request, this way if I switch pc's/hd's I can enter my secret answer on top of my username/password and have the client generate and store on the server my new unique key. This system would allow you to ban people not by ip range but by HD key which would be alot harder to get around then IP ban's

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