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Stunt It Up - Stunting Video.

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seem ok nice one there m8 liked ya little gride.

Give ya 2 tips cut down the build up to the stunt so just show

the stunt not driving 3 miles into it.

Dont show the same stunt twice just pick the best one out the ones u filmed.

But ya it was ok n1, made me want to make another stunt video but i feel i cant really think of anything new to put in one that aint been done without modding lol

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OK, I am not sure if someone mentioned this yet.... Don't record music over music... Example: Don't record live game play with sound. Also just don't record live game play.... Press the f2 button after u have done the stunt... then press f3 then record that. & then when editing put the music u want and ect. I hope this helps ya :):wink:

*Also get rid of the replay thing at top left corner when u do the f2 & f3 trick. *Keep em comming! 8)

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