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HTTP Mod Loader


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Hi guys. I just wanted to share a little bit about my HTTP mod loader system. This resource is a script that allows you to upload your mods to a locally hosted webserver, and when clients join they can download/enable/disable/delete them onto/from their local computer. This script is very useful if you have a lot of mods on your server and you're losing players due to the download size.

How-to Install:

1. You need to have a web server (Preferably XAMPP or WAMP -> 64 bit|32 bit)

2. Upload your mods to the web server (XAMPP: %install path%/htdocs | WAMP: %install path%/www)

3. Add the files to mod_c.lua

4. Login to router (Using

5. Find the port forwarding section

6. Port forward port 80 (This is done so that clients can download the mods via an apache web server)

7. Open client.lua and change the "sreverIp" and "ipv4IP" variables (To what it says)

8. Start resource

9. Join game and type /vehmods


http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=8249

Note: For a hosted server, it REQUIRES a web-server on the same host (same IP)

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Hello ,

I got a little problem .

The script is working for me but someone others cant download the mods and enable it.

While i can enable the mod and see the mod.

Greetings ,


Its mostly a problem with the firewall settings in USBWebHost.

So i have to turn of firewall on USBWebserver or?

And how i do it ?

Greetings ,


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It only works for the local mta server :|

So the hell what? It still prevents massive downloads. If I join a server, I don't want to be forced to download 900mb of shitty car mods. I'd much rather choose what I want. It's local only for security.

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