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Mach Universe v0.1 [Release]

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Hola Peeps!

Today, I am going to share my first MTA Theme. It wasn't very hard, easy photoshop. This theme is inspired by Sath Metro Theme which has been made by one of my oldest friend on MTA.




You'r free to edit it, Just if you'r going to share new creations by this theme then mention real name, Mach Universe.

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Oh, it's amazing Nilesh! You made a great work.

Thanks Sathler,

It's nice to see you still active on MTA Forums! :)

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I'm going to the army now, so I'm having not much time to play MTA :P But I normally read some things here when have time.

I knew that you'll join army one day ( Ofcource you told me on a MTA server ;) ) Good Luck bro

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