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ok, wow this damn sux!

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Hey everyone... I'm a little pissed right now so, uh.. please bare with me. I've waited a long time to get VC just so I coukd play MTA, and now that I have it, I was suspected of using a triner, like 10 seconds after finding a server... I mean WTF! I was reading the Damn first time users guide while sitting in a server and all of a sudden I get suspected of cheating and I can't join any server... what kind of crap is that?

Please post some solutions or.. I dunno some kind of helpful info, it would be much appreciated after my kick in the teeth from MTA.

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Ok, try this:

You must have a clean install to play mta.

Close all Internet explorer windows, better yet just make sure its only mta you have open, nothgin else ( msn,ie, etc)

Go to c:/windows and delete the file named MTA.ini or MTA ( it will show up like this if you have the option to hide extension on)

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i think that is the quicktime task. just go start->execute->msconfig and look into startup. desactivate evrything you really don´t need.

the trainer usage message can be cos of using trainers on another games or if you use some kind of loader, process loader or memory process patcher or something like that used to start any cracked program or even GTA. just have a look around and if you can´t solve the problem just find a proggram with wich you can examine memory or do memory dumping so as to find the problem

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