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more fun ?


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Wy can i change not handling.cfg if i change handling.cfg mta dont works :cry: wy i can not play on the network white my changes handling.cfg i know dat dont works on online but it more fun if you changs te cars biks ohter thigns if the ohter pc have the handling.cfg the same as the ohter pc its more fun :D i hope that som addon plugin for thats it :D

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Ok I can barely understand a word you said.. but editing handling would be classified under cheating so NO CHEATS.

P.S: only thing is if you make another vice city copy and edit you changes there and play on that copy and use the original for MTA.

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Whats the pont in a lan network? It'll be boring, like if every word in the English dictionary got changed to Dull and read out aloud in a boring Montone. Just be content with wat yev got. If you can't do it, its not worth doin. Oh yeah DJ, I second that valid point:

Können Sie blutiges Englisch bitte sprechen!

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