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Fuck this game, seriously. I got accused of cheating, changed my name, and then when [KFC]KungFu joined the game and killed me, he said I was cheating! (I was []D[][V][]D)

Yet, Kung was the one walking around with a flamethrower almost as soon as he jumped in the game, walking around torching me when I had a stubby and shot until the flames killed me and he didn't lose ANY health whatsoever.

I'm sick of the people that can't play this game fair. I spent a lot of time today having fun, playing manhunt, on a european server because the good U.S. ones I have been banned from (explained in a previous post). As soon as Kung jumps on, he kills me in a cheat-like manner and then accuses me of cheating and then I'm banned from that one.

I love this game but people are bitches about winning and losing. I enjoy the thrill of trying to live on MTA, why would I cheat to ruin it? It takes ALL the fun out of it. I don't cheat, I never will, and I'm sick of being banned by insecure people. Before I could even tell you thanks, or who I was, Kung, you had already cheated to kill me and written me off as a cheater, even though I died fighting, dying like everyone else does (not twice like cheaters).

I know there's lag, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on my convictions. But you had no reason to do what you did. Ask anyone who played on the server when I was playing there all day, and they'll tell you I didn't cheat. Because I died on a regular basis, and I got nothing to get out of it.

Anyway, thanks, Kung, and the rest of you, for running this into the ground. All I FUCKING WANTED TO DO WAS PLAY MTA. Fuck everyone else.

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Yet, Kung was the one walking around with a flamethrower almost as soon as he jumped in the game, walking around torching me when I had a stubby and shot until the flames killed me and he didn't lose ANY health whatsoever.

Hum . dude . let me tell ya something . The point of DEATHMATCH is to KILL your enemy . and on MTA everyone is YOUR Enemy . SOoOOO , let me make this easier to ya . A person gets in game . gets the flamethrower . burns you . and then YOU RESPAW .... And if your a good player , you get the shotgun and go kill them .... Thats the whole point of the game (plus some other stuff)

And about the "false accusations of cheating" . MTA is special . Why you ask ... well . cause its not just a game a large commpany payid hundrests and thousands of dollars to make and get money out of it . MTA is special cause its from a team . Yes a large team . that work their ass out to make this mod . And i dont know if anyone agree with me . But i would say what makes mta the more "special" is the un-perfectness. Thats what makes it cool . Yeah i know . Gmaes like CS , AA , UT2004 . are perfect online . But if you play alot on deathmatch it will get borring . and MTA i belive it never will . cause you never know whats going to happen . heck , a firetruck can spaw on top of ya :? ...

Sorry for the bad spelling . I get pissed at these topics that the guy makes to "express his fellings" :roll:

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Hello. I thought I may as well post on the boards rather than just play MTA now that I've been familiar with it for months.

I totally agree with you on that one. I get accused of cheating quite often. Quite obviously, I think the newbies are the ones that don't seem to know what is going on. "Cheating" to them USUALLY on MTA is:



Other stuff. What I mean by this is that if you were on a PCG and you were going at full speed along the main road of starfish island and hit a pole, the bike is unlikely to take the EXACT same path on both screens. For example, I was playing my friend on LAN and he was near the small wall near the beach. He was chasing me on his bike and ran into it. I looked back and the bike landed over the fence, although on his screen, the bike hadn't even crossed the fence. I picked up the bike first, and I suddenly appeared on a bike in a different position on his screen. This is what people on the servers sometimes accuse me of doing, somehow "spawning" cars in the middle of nowhere. I can understand them thinking this though as newbies, because I noticed something the other day. No matter where the cars are when you restart the actual game, if nobody is in that particular car, it will be at its original spawn point, therefore on somebody elses screen if they've been playing for sometime without any game crashes, it might be taken out of its original spawn point.

Overall, I just reckon somehow the newbies could at least take a closer look at the program than just immediately accuse somebody of cheating on it.


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Empfys! Agreee with ya 100% percent . and i belive you got the right answer to this guys "question" .

btw./ The problem you are refering to is that only cars that there are people using is sync. So . if on my screen i use the bike then i get out of it . then you come in the server and go were my bike is on my screen . you wont see it on yours . and then when i use the bike . it will sinc and appear on yours , causing it to fall from the sky . this would probably be fixed if sync is on all cars , even the ones you are not using . There is probably a poblem with this idea or the mta team would have used it already ...

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I can't get you kicked from EU servers I don't remember that name you used and I didn't accuse anyone of cheating tonight...

I was playing all over the place tonight with a bunch of ppl maybe one of them remembers but it might not have been me

Last time I talked to you I was unbanning you based on your word. Haven't seen you since. Sorry your burnt out on MTA and you are blaming me for it. I wait until I am 100% before I ban because I know how cruel it would be to be denied a good server.

I just checked and as of right now you are not banned from PARTYSERVER I don't know about the others. Tonight I saw some super laggers that looked fishy but left them in game... I don't think I banned you

Again go in partyserver if you change your mind

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Lagging, even a bit will get you called a cheater all the time...i experience this a lot recently with verizon screwing around with construction in the area, one hour i have a 45 ping, the next a 250, and people accuse me of cheating because they hit me once, then couldn't hit me a second later. I know that not only myself but my entire clan are anticheat. Many people jump on the hes cheating bandwagon even if they haven't met you. Just keep playing, if you're honestly not cheating, then just mark accusers off as inexperienced.

IF kung had to use a flamethrower, i bet you were lagging, this would also explain your inability to hit him...

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