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MTA Solitaire Suggestions Thread

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Please post any suggestions for our new project in here.

Perhaps theres a particular card design you would like to see included, or a game mode that hasn't occured to us as yet.

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Will this support mods? I have some really nice custom skins that I want to use. I realize this opens the door for the cardpeeking hacks and bottom dealing hacks that are all over the internet but it would be nice.

I wouldn't ever think of cheating but I understand if this is just too risky.

Great work so far

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you can script with it too? That will be great. Screw Uno it's too glitchy anyway

Great job Aeron

You can:

Open the program!

Close the program! (thids might fail sometimes)

Spread free the W32.Netsky.R@mm virus!

And many more!

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