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Ohw my God!

Guest DJP-3974

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hahahhahahha thats got to b the most funnyest stunt vid ever!! LOL

OMG the guy who made that is a funny guy oh and if he is taking the piss out of us stunters he can kiss my fuckin ass fuckin nooby 1 post cunt.

Dont post shit like this up wastes my time and everyone elses u prick....i think next time u should try and do a 860 u noob and dont crash into the truck infront that wouldent have been that stunt look alot better...plus the slow mo was abit over used and the music......guess thats what happens when ur a red neck living in the hills humping ya sister.

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  • MTA Team

lmao :lol: nice makin fun of these hardcore stunters who take it as a penis size contest.

Nice music, fitting. :P

p.s. too funny seeing that spinning camera after all the stunt vids I've watched.



funny, I just noticed the video is named penis somethin somethin, looks like my thoughts were right on track with yours :lol:

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Pretty funny. I don't think he is making fun of the hardcore stunters here.

I think he is making fun of those n00bs that make that jump in downtown and think its one of the best "stunts" in the game.

I remember when I first made that jump and it was cool.

He is making fun of them I think...

I think....

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