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Ouch... was I banned?

Guest BrianDAPenguin2K

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Um, I'm sure you guys get this question a lot. I seem to have been banned from BOTH main servers, and I'm not sure why. I have never cheated, and I searched the forums for anybody accusing me of it, and didn't find anything. Anybody have a clue why? Or how I might fix the problem? (I don't want to override the ban or anything, but I'm not sure if I'm really banned or not.)

I play as Brian or my new tag [bDP]Brian.

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oh yes, brian yeah once you get to your skill level, it's easy to be accused of cheating lol. For some reason a new fad is "if one person yells cheater, i will too even tho i haven't even made contact with them"

anyhoot yeah irc.multitheftauto.com, kind of a pain to dl irc just to get unbanned, but it might become a valuable tool later on :roll:

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Yes.. I already downloaded mIRC and got in the channel and asked around... I tried changing my IP address already, and my ISP is SBC Yahoo DSL. I'm going to try getting on AOL as a test, I'll post again afterwards.

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*Sigh* after trying my 56K modem on Aol, when the connection doesn't time-out it says that I'm banned still. (strangely makes NO sence, as my MAC address and IP address would both change) I also tried changing my nickname to no luck. Any more suggestions?

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