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Fix For When Vice City No Longer Runs

Guest TurdFerguson

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Sometimes GTA Vice City (either run alone or run from MTA) will no longer work on my XP machine. When you double click on the icon it thinks for about a second and then does nothing.

I found that I had to go into the Vice City directory of My Documents and delete the *.set file. After that I could run both Vice City standalone and the MTA VC (I reinstalled MAT VC but it should work without reinstalling)


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amm, i got the same problem(i press start, seems like it thinks for a moment and does nothing) and i tried what u said, to delete the set file, but it still does nothing when i press start, i re installed mta, maby i need to reinstall gta vice 2?

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Hum... Did you just ask a question that was not a question?

And yeah I think deleting that non-savegame file in the VC documents dir has been mentioned before, but it helps generally. Even when you're getting weird things in your SP saves.

yep, it has been mentioned by many including me, some people normally need to do this after updating there graphic drivers :)

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