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ill just throw 2 quotes at you :)

as has been said many times before the mod is in its early stages, the core is still being developed, throwing thousands of variables in that we have no way of tracking would defeat the whole object of releasing public betas in the first place. Also note it has NOT been said we will never allow customisation of the final product, merely that right now we are not ready to entertain the idea.
I'm sure everyone (including people on the team) would like to see map modifications - as long as everyone on a particular server was running the same map mod, and that it doesn't cause confusion for people connecting to a server without support for that mod.

Most of us on the team work with MTA and GTA every single day. We know about most of the hacks, cheats, map mods and if we had felt it was secure enough to allow people to disable modification checks in 0.3, we probably would have done so.

Having public servers where people are running different map mods not only causes undefined behaviour, it also looks bad on behalf of the team because we have failed to provide a consistant mod.

Contrary to what some people may think, we're not trying to wrap everything up for ourselves and take all the glory. All these releases are part of a process to make MTA a better mod. And if you give us some time I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

hope this answers your question, just be patient

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