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The beautiful part of MTA...

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While playing, this dude offered to pick me up. He gave me a ride in the Love Fist limo to anywhere I wanted. Man, living the high life in virtuality....doesn't get any better than this. :wink:

WARNING watch out for this guy, his name is RISO, could be pretty dangerous when hes " bin roudn pubs" :!:

btw, sounds like a love story :lol:

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lmfao a whole topic about it...

well anyways, usually when I let people ride with me (many n00bs want to because they recognize me as MTA tester and they think of me as a god), I just park on the dock with the passenger door directly to the edge of the dock, so when they get out they'll go into the water :lol:

and if they refuse I just give the car a little push and buh bye.

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Jumping in the passenger seat sumtimes helps you escape people running you over, for example:

/me runs away from Compu_head in Police car

[KFC]ElBurro: Sod off

/compu_head runs me over

[KFC]ElBurro: Stop it!


/me gets up and jumps in passenger seat

Compu_Head: ROFL!

[KFC]ElBurro: Take me to your dealer

/drives off

Its a good way to escape, I find jacking cars annoying :)

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