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some beginner questions

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I downloaded the latest full mta (VC) installation last night.

I tried going to the all seeing eye site and download, but it says that "this object has been blocked" or somthing?

can you copy the server address from the server list on here into mta and connect that way?

I get "A problem occured while trying to connect"?

this could be anything i'm sure, can someone help?

Also, do you have to have a certain amount of the game completed in SP to be able to play all 3 islands? I just reinstalled and have none of the game completed!

and whats with the controls configuration? can't you use the keys you want to.

any help will be appreciated!!

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are you at a university or using dsl in apartments?

everytime it fails to connect with that message it means my net has gone down.

the entire map is open already in MTA

as for your gamesaves, they end up in your "My Documents" folder as GTA saves or something along those lines. If you don't back that folder up your saves will be gone.

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