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Hey everyone,

I'm playing a server wich is alive since 1 year now, this server is called Why So Serious we've got an awesome community with alot of fun like the server name says we are not always serious we are mostly fun.

We've got our own script ( scripted by Beatles1 and Funstein ) we also have some awesome mod !

here some screen of our mods :



The Fast and Furious 6 car can jump by pressing SHIFT and the flying car can fly by pressing SHIFT (they are very expensive)

we also have some skin mod ( purchasable by gangs and squad )











We got more and more mods but I can't post them all that would take me a day, everyday we reach 50 Player

The IP is : mtasa://

If you will come don't forget to read F1 and if you need help you can ask to WSS Member or Probie ( We've got this tag WSS| or WSS*| )

Here is the forum : wssrpg.co.uk

Thanks to read and maybe cya in game !

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Hmmm. If you used mods that weren't so high poly and weren't downloaded off gtamodding.com, it would look quite good. I can obviously see you're a staff, and with not so good English. I already have my doubts. Not to mention you only stated premium benefits. What do normal players get?

You've got potential, I can see it. But you're server name is a troll altogether. Fix some stuff up and you could be the next SAES.

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As an reaction towards NOki, players get a lot, too much to state it all down, but they are free to do what they want, even though they need to respect the rules and to follow them. Otherwise punishments will be taken.

Perhaps we will change the name someday, but we have more important things to take care off right now.

- Tseard, WSS Administrator.

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I belive this is the wrong section to post the topic,but anyways :)

As I always said,WSS is a bad copy of SAES sadly.

Even tho I respect your developers.Also you should fix your 200mb of download,as that's the main reason why you ain't getting any new players.

Cheers,keep it up!

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Well, haters gonna hate, i am playing on this server for already a year, and NO i'm not admin, its awesome server with awesome groups, scripts, players, staff and mods. Just come and see ;)

There are no haters... It's just people stating their opinion about a ridiculous download size. We are not making accusations or stating the server is bad, but instead giving constructive arguments to help developers so the server can be better.

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