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Whats with gangsofgta.com?


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A lot of people try to get gangs out of the mta forums and into other official places (hey the less gangs in here the less problems i have all the power to you) but most attempts fail misserably because this IS the MTA forum, you'd need to get almost a contract with the top 5 gangs, tehn get smaller gangs and such and such

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KFC is registered on there and we have a private forum that is full of posts in there...

I might publicly post the pass at some point it would be very funny. That is where we have spoken frankly about ppl for the last 3 months...

that forum is dead now mostly but if anyone wants money on there ask me I have a crapload of it.

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yeah FMJ is on there somewhere i believe, but i almost never check it... maybe we have pl wanting to be recruited, who knows :P.

To be honest I dont rely on forums and website to recruit at all, and as previously said, they forums are used for arranging matches and stuff, and so the main mta forums are fine for that.

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we met up the other day with the "vice city killers" (not vice city killaz- us), and they seemed like okay guys. they didnt give us any trouble, after they found out there already was a vck, they decided on their own to change their name. i couldn't beleive it, they didnt want to "fight for it" or anything. amazing. hope i see them again, they seemed llike nice people

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