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REVIVE THE LADDER!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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cmon guys lets get the ladder going again, mta is getting boring as hell without nothing to do, we need organized gangwars and shit again.....PLEASE!!!!!!!!! and if DeathB has to take a leave i will take organizing responsibility for now, and get everything worked out, cuz i got nothing better to do till it gets a little watrmer out...someone get back to me if i'm aloud to take responsibility to get this thing goin again since deathb has to take a leave or something (i think), i already got some good ideas for it :)

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well im doing my bit with the eu league atm. If that works out aswell as we all hope then it will be extended into a world mta league, but thats a while off yet, have to get experience on a smaller scale first :P


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funny how one of the gangs who never showed up for thier matches and when they did had 4/5 people(or in other words, were just grabbing whoever was on at the time) would scream we need to get the ladder going again.

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