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Best excuse after getting killed


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Noone in MTA ever dies because of the skill of the other person. Whenever someone kills in MTA it is always because of thier skill. Those two statements are forever at odds and it is played out in the chat on a daily basis.

This thread is dedicated to the finest lame ass excuses that ppl use when they are shown to the select screen. If you see a funny or interesting excuse for why someone died please post it here

This isn't a newb phenomenon. You will find the most talented and skilled MTA players use more lame excuses than any new person. Most times the veteren has tired of saying "cheater" "lagger" so they come up with some gems

some examples

"Stupid Mouse"

"I was on the phone"

and my favorite

"I am not really trying or I am not playing my best right now don't make me mad or I will"

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"I kept shootin you and you wudn't die!"- coz I lag and u miss :)

"Why did you kill me?"- coz your in a Deathmatch, duh!

"WTF! El Burro is cheating! His health re-generates!"- coz i wuz a Sailor

I acctually had sumone up, it wasn't me that killed im, I think it was either [KFC] Crunch or [KFC] Ace:

"How did you kill me! Im using a trainer!"- Lame ass

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"Hey I was alt tabing no fair!"

i'm pretty sure I heard that once...

oh and one of my many, (if you've ever seen me play youll notice the chat window flooded and me making lame ass excuses)

"WHAT THE HELL!?! water kills you? LAME!"

"oh come on! my bike was going to PWN your securicar!"

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a recent gem from a one on one stubby fight.

first he says

"stop running around me, its no fair"

then after i stop he says

"stop shooting me from a distance, u fucker"

go figure :)

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  • MTA Team

Yep... 2 on 1... not fair. There were 2 people in my view so it automatically means they were both trying to kill me only and they were teaming on me. Nope, not fair.


I love the kind that make excuses everytime they die (hehe DeathB probably being my favorite).

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thier are ppl who have never found an excuse they didn't like... Like I said in the first post, There is always a good reason they died aside from you being good. I could rattle off a list of ppl who do this but I would prefer to list a few who don't

KFC Nutz

VCA Loendal

??? Turbob


Ransom from what I remember

and two shockers


Mobaxx <--- He curses up a storm but he doesn't make any excuses

Many others as well but just off the top of my head

oh wait I can think of one more

KFC KungFu <----- in all humility :oops:

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  • MTA Team

Yea I gave up excuses long, long ago. Just a waste of time. Besides you know all you're tryin to do is convince the other person, but they are always gonna think you're bullshitting so why try? I just re-spawn and kill em so they look stupid after smack talkin :)

Sometimes I can't resist retaliation though :) like:

{ULK}Sucks killed [VCP]Ransom

{ULK}Sucks: Dead


{[VCP]Ransom killed {ULK}Sucks

[VCP]Ransom: Dead.

{ULK}Sucks: But you still su

{ULK}Sucks has left the game

^ Said exactly as it was said on server (yeah the {ULK}Sucks guy is really someone, not mocking ULK)

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Why do I think I wouldn't be shocked if I found out the name of that guy?


if u think that doon doesnt make excuses, ur mistaken

maybe Im wrong. All I remember is him saying "laugh" when he dies or kills


yeah if someone does that you must retaliate but as long as you don't explain why they were able to kill you it's cool.

If I don't like someone I normally say nothing but I do try to say g1 if they killed me good and of course if it was cheesy "lame" or even better "lamality"

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i was fighting a guy once, he paused like a wieny (heh) and tells me he wanted a drink...i told him i was going to wait there til he unpaused or left the server, he unpaused after about 5 minutes, i killed him, and he proceeded to tell me how unfair that was :?:

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