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Problem with the client :(

Guest walley

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On my other pc, I find that when I attempt to connect to a server using the client (version 0.3r2) It freezes as soon as I click connect :(.

This doesn't happen on this pc however, but I've no idea what it is that's causing it.

I wish I could give more info, but that's all I know :cry:

Thanks for your time nonetheless,


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Firstly, I have Windows 98 SE (on both systems though - only the other system has the problem however, so I doubt it's OS related).

Secondly, firewalls and such were disabled, still no luck :\

Even if I try to connect to a server I start on that PC, or to a server that doesn't exist, it just freezes when I hit connect :(

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Perhaps you should've read my message properly pal.

As I said, both of my systems have Win 98 SE, and it works on this one, just not the other one.

In case that still doesn't get through to you, guess what - that means I have 98 SE on this system and MTA works on here!

So next time don't make an idiot of yourself, and make an intelligent contribution, if you're capable of it.

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Actually, it is possible to play mta on win98... but it would be very time consuming.

Each time you type a chat message, everything will resync and your position on everyone elses computer will update too.

You say mta doesnt work on the other computer.. therefore you would have noticied that any actual sync yet. Maybe spawn... but thats it. Co-ord / animation / shooting etc. (everything) will not work until you type a msg to resync.

I find the best message to be "!resync"

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