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VDUb error

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First of all, your version is well out of date. Latest VDub as you can find for yourself if you visit its homepage is vers 1.5.10 build 18160, so go there and update.

Second, read between the lines. It says it's mising the decompressor for your vid, the FCC of which is 'dvsd'. Now I can recognize enough formats myself, but this one I dunno what encoding it is. Either way you're missing the codec I believe. Have you been able to see other vids with that encoding before?

Third and most important, wrong forum, wrong message board. There aren't any real VDub specialists here and even if there were, they'd be so few your odds of getting a response from one of them would be unlikely. You'd be better off asking this to a video (post)processing community, preferably VDub's own forums, or some Doom9.org related ones or something.

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