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A History Of MTA


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Wow, it is the truth :) I remember being a member here since the 0.3b release. And, ULK WAS MENTIONED! But, I can't wait for MTA 0.4, it looks awesome. Also, wait, what do i see hre in this exclusive screenshot? http://www.planetgrandtheftauto.com/ima ... planes.jpg hmm, could this mean you can ifnally buy weapons? (look at radar icons :D) I guess we'll wait for MTA to confirm this one :P

That is interesting. Didn't notice. Good find.

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If it did I would have to write 1 paragraph on how deathb has won everything (either with vcp or individual) and 2 on what an asshole he is =P j/k

Ill keep the gang politics for another article i guess

ah ah ah, not everything. I beat him in the destruction derby remember? ;)

(Not the first one, I was disqualified. The second one.)

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