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B.L.A.S.T.A - Bullsh*t Lame-Ass Spam Thread Addicts Gang


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Well, we had a name on the old forums, but uh.. their not up right now so unless xerox remembers

this is a alive clan consiting of SPAMMERS made on old forum, making us I beleave the first clan... :) so uh yeah

to join us you must obiosly be a netorios spammer, although we don't condone spamming, you must :)

if your wondering its me xerox and bengriff in it, im not to sure if xerox wantsa to stay or noty ill find out :)

so uh, dont spam, (but you must!) :)

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okokok - the gang is official - btw, sorry for editing the topic bill

#blasta is the channel, gang applications will be on an invite only basis, decided by bill and myself, and other gang members

Some requirements, are that you have X amount of posts, and you have been on forums so long... and you dont reek of lameness (guess its going to be just me then ;-) besides that, its anything else we can think of.

This gang's aim is to have total domination of the forums (joking blokker =), and to be some kind a of running in-joke. But you never know, the biggest spammers in GTA3MP may decide to play a little =)

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well if you not part of us your part of the problem...

part of who??? - maybe someone deleted a post or something =?

Ice, if you had read the first post, this is invite only... and its really just a gang for the regulars who like to spam etc... this is in no way a serious gang.

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I don't think you are a part of omg are you keva? - dont see any developer, moderator or admin tag by your name now =)

I will be part of omg first, blasta will be a running in-joke more than anything =). We won't really be doing much in the way of playing mta, more in the way of spamming the forums =) j/k

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