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Post your funny remakes of people's avatars and sigs here :). Also, general pics about people will be accepted too. However, they need relevance. Don't just post some pic and say "This was so and so when he was little" or "this is whoever", it needs to actually relate to the person/group, not just be a flat out flame.

By Tankboy for DeathB


By DeathB for Tankboy


Mine for Bump :D (don't ban me Bumpster :P)


From Ransom for Robpol86's avatar


From Tankboy to me :oops:


From Tankboy to Sloth:


From Sloth and Tankboy (VCKs) to generally all KFC :P


From Vinny (ULK) to generally all KFC


From El Burro to Ransom


From Prokopis to Xerox


From KungFuGrip to Tankboy


From Iggy to MrBill


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guess that makes me the biggest bully around, and a prime target for humour =)

just a note - tek's shot at death is not funny, and not what we want to see.

and you forgot that the crossdresser should be holding a baseball bat tankboy =)

you could always modify the weapon into a... *imagination trails off*.... *slaps himself out*... yeah =/

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my sig what? actually that was an actual TS live occurance and that was really deathB in our TS channel and i thought it was funny and so was others it wasnt even a shot at deathB he just happened to be the only afk person in TS so i could make him idle in the channel long enuff for me to get a screenshot

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