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No no. I did it all without cheats.

If you must know, zombie wasn't driving the car, I was. Only he was paused, which led to some mighty eratic driving. The car jerked and bounced, and I exploited this bug (with the aid of a packer) to get the car on the roof of the moist palms.

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pausing? thats cheating!

j/k hehe i guess i could make some dubious argumetn like that but nah, good job. I wonder what else is possible utilising the paus-o jerk-o driv-o effect

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Zombie didn't play any part in it, infact, he wasn't even aware that I had hijacked his car and managed to basically bounce over the moist palms with it.

It's never happened to be before or after I took those pictures, it must've been a fluke, the possibilities of finding and exploiting said bug are quite rare.

Did you notice the other pictures?

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That black streak thing musta been some GFX issue though, eh?

[...]I wonder what else is possible utilising the paus-o jerk-o driv-o effect

Launching to the fokn stratosphere, that's what else is possible!

Observe this lil vid. Launch site was outside WBPD's entrance BTW.

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thats happen 2 me loads of times its when the game dont load quickly

No it's not - can you see that he is not ON TOP of the bridge? ;)

yer i no

his in the middle

the way it happen to me is i woz drivin then i fell through and some how got out the car and got stuck

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Stupid angelfire, not letting it show the image, the only way i found was to copy and paste the address... :(


I've found a great place for manhunt.....

http://www.angelfire.com/art2/spud_comi ... litch1.JPG

http://www.angelfire.com/art2/spud_comi ... litch2.JPG

http://www.angelfire.com/art2/spud_comi ... litch3.JPG

And a nice place in malibu....


Jump on here...... jump towards the dance floor and it glitches....


Enabling you to walk around here... and here....


But watch out for water...


You can walk out onto a balcony through the roof while your up there which looks cool from outside....

Thats all for now... :)

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U know that bug when sometimes the chopper is outside next to fountain on prawn or sometimes its in the house, well i encountered this one which the tail was wedged in the 2 floor :shock:


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Here's some vids in this pack. It contains quite a few bugs/odd things that happened to me and my bro a while back when we first got VC on the PC. I finally found em buried in the folders on my dad's hdd :P Well, here they are.


And yes, these are recreatable. We've done these again and again to make sure they were real bugs, and not flukes :P

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