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We know where it is (building north of the offices); the point is how you got there.

BTW I'd like to take this opportunity to protest to the fact that for some reason (unimaginable to me) the thread "Can you..." got stickied yesterday while a topic such as this, a product of months of collective work and arguably ten times as much a classic as "Can you..." can ever become, continues to go as it is. I for one would be curious to find out the reasoning that lead to this decision, assuming impartiality is always a driving force behind such calls.


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I heard from a friend that they where on a bike with 16 people ;)

Un beleiveable yes ;)

I never tried it befor but he said that get on the bike with enter, and then press V, but first you gotta set v for passenger and not for camera.

Then if you press V you'll be passenger and so you should go on!!

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Well.. if u dont know yet, u can get on top of wave sign at airport!

Yes u just need to do this:

-Place characters head in the middle of the sign, once u have placed the character like that u just need to hold run key, run (run like 1 second) and finally jump to the spot.


-At the second spot u just need to do the same that at the first (run and jump), u will get here:


When u get on top of wave u also would try this :


Last 1 its some hard cos u need a bit of good control when jumping :P

Enjoy it ,its a good spot to kill ppl :D

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Well.. U got know these re not playable areas of game.. so if u´rent sure if u gona fall or not just shoot at ground :)

This is the way to get out of there :D

Just jump in to that point and ull be out :)


Something curious its when u get out of hotel.. ull notice there is no buildings or your textures re not loaded at all.. thats coz u "entered" in a loadable place..but u havent passed by the load point to get out:D

To load them just enter in hotel (and go out by the door:P )


Enjoy it!! :)

okay, but how do you get to Sonny's location? ive been trying for ages jumping on that closet and i can only get onto the ceiling or into the area where you cant get out. what exactly is supposed to happen after you jump onto the closet?
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LMFAOROF!!!!! Div, would you explain how the hell did u do that?? :)

erorr404: When u get over that wardrove u must jump to that roof lamp, however u can fell down (it happens to me sometimes :( ) But as u can c its possible to get there :)

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