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Sequel to Decan's Auto SR and Vice City Tribute is NOW UP

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"Vice City: Miss This" is the name.

I was the editor (d8cam) of "Decan's Auto Stunt Reel" and the project leader of "Vice City Tribute."

The first Grand Theft Auto community stunt video has been completed. The video is titled "Vice City: Miss This." Ever since I completed my other videos, "Decan's Auto Stunt Reel" and "Vice City Tribute," I wanted to make something fresh, organized, and awesome.

"Vice City: Miss This" contains extremely difficult and risky stunts, most of which are new. Of the 250 stunts submitted for this video, only around 50 made the final edit. More than 100 people submitted their stunts, yet only 20 of those people had their stunts featured in the final cut. After two months of choosing stunts, capturing them with the right angles, and editing, it is finally complete.

The video can be freely distributed to other websites as long as it stays in its original form.

Here are two mirrors. More to come...

Note: The fileplanet mirror you see below won't have huge lines because it is a branch of Fileplanet called "HostedFTP" where the lines aren't long/no lines at all.


http://www.thegamersalliance.com/php/mo ... _Miss_This

http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/3dac ... s_this.wmv

http://www.own-age.com/vids/video.aspx?id=1445 (this link is not up yet, but it will be soon)

I also submitted to Fileshack so give it some time.


1. I am not Decan or Hate_Me. I have an alias known as d8cam, but I don't use it much anymore.

2. Also, when I said the stunts were "risky," I am referring to some of the stunts where the stunter went over water to complete the stunt. If he had fallen into the water, he would have had to get a bike and start over again...which sucks....and its risky.

3. Let me know what you thought.

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You said "let me know what you thought" and that's what I'm gonna do. So don't blame me, you asked :P.

The editing of the whole piece was seamless. Its intro although nothing too innovative was good enough to set the mood and hint at the level of attention paid to the making of the video. There was very little time wasted in transitions, which even when present were decent for a change (hey, I like flyby's), so stylistically d8cam delivered :).

Image quality was great as well and the 1528kbps WMV8 encoding @ 640x480/30fps seemed to be more than enough to get the job done right and provide a clean nice picture all throughout the show with a very reasonable final filesize of 48.6megs (that's 11.4megs a minute), so take note some of you; you know who you are :P.

The soundtrack is always a controversial issue cause of ppl's so different tastes, but I think we can all agree the song was probably good and worked for the occation. There were attempts to sync the action to the tune where possible and I think those went pretty good too. Still obsessed with Pompeii though I see. Oh well, can't blame a guy for sticking with what he likes I guess :).

Now to spoil the mood a bit...

Before moving on to the stunt content, I'd first like to get something out of the way, which doesn't necessarily pertain to this vid, but is more of a general observation/thought I think everyone should consider. There's always one thing you gotta be careful when you're building up ppl's hopes and anticipation towards the end of releasing a vid. See, hype - much like an election speech - is a knife that cuts both ways. It can only work in your favour up to the moment your work goes out, but from that point on 9 times out of 10 it'll turn against you cause ppl will remember your promises and are gonna hold you to them. So unless you can really deliver, unless you're sure your show can live up to the community's expectations (which you yourself fed to some extent), you should be very very careful about how you publicize your upcoming release and what you tell everyone about it.

K, sorry bout that, but I just wanted everyone here to read and consider this from now on for reasons you can probably assume.

In that mindframe - and this time specifically about the vid at hand - I gotta say dramatic catchphrases such as "out of X stunts, ppl submitting, or whatever, only Y were included/selected/made it through to the final cut..." (which are usually more akin to attention craving cable TV reality shows) shouldn't really be used in an online environment where supposedly a "by the community, for the community" spirit prevails. I don't know at which point for the producer or the stunters submitting their material this stops being a collective venture and becomes a recognition competition, but regardless of where things really stand, this kind of mentality IMO tends to break up creative team spirit more than it helps sustain it and undermines the prospect of other such future projects which I believe everyone would look forward to. Having everyone's nick shown while their stunt is played suggests even more that there's an issue of trust or something like that going on during those two months the movie was in production (you even had them again in the end!). Anyway I don't understand this. Did any of the stunters ask for it? Was anyone afraid their work might get "stolen" or wouldn't earn the kudos it otherwise could? Kinda childish perhaps, but definitely not very well thought out IMO. BTW "huh?" on the "community vid" claim, as I personally only managed to recognize about 4 of all the stunters in there representing the GTA stunting community. Just who exactly do you consider to be that?

Shady issue, I know, but I wanted to speak my mind about it and I did.

On to the stunts now (about time too :))...

For the most part the vid's material was quite original and entertaining. Overlooking the fact that the first whole minute didn't include anything never before seen, or even executed better than ever before, (as you can discover for yourselves by watching LBtrw's v.4 and No Comment again), yes the rest of the show was worth sitting through and it did feature some daring, risky stunts. Occationally you would get the feeling you've seen some of the stuff before exactly the same or in some variation (like the very first stunt which I think was also in another vid), but overall new stuff was admitedly there and stunt locations followed suit. A slight objection on the inclusion of quite a few non-stunt clips which I can only describe as "tricks" or bloopers, such as car grinds (yeah those aren't as cool sadly), bailing from bikes to avoid dying or just to land on weird/near-death locations, fooling around with BIGBANG, that squad car jump-bump, landing into dinghies, or the racer-heli collision, you get the idea. I know they're amusing, but weren't you aiming for daring, risky, spectacular, breath-taking, innovative, etc, etc footage instead of just fun stuff to show? If I did the bean counting correctly, those along with the filler scenes musta taken up a total of around 2:30 mins and I think that's a pretty big bite out of a 4:53 vid. Anyway, you're the director, you know best. I'm just giving feedback and expressing personal preference here so take it as you will.

One last thing before I shut up: As Ramon also said, this was a pretty short vid in the end. Considering you were making a community video and that I spotted at least 3 clips which weren't up to par compared to the rest of the menu, I don't see why you didn't make this one or two minutes longer. I'm sure it wouldn't lose anything in value or tire the community (which I bet would want more spin for its buck so to speak) if you had more stunts like that sent to you among those 250 submissions. So unless there was a huge skill difference between what made it in Miss This and what didn't, or some other serious reason, I'd be very curious to find out why the final cut didn't even make it over the 5 min barrier.

PS: Since you mentioned "Decan's Auto Stunt Reel" and "Vice City Tribute", I'd like to ask you on behalf of everyone that can't be bothered to mess with fileplanet to plz upload them both on thegamersalliance.com for everyone's convenience. Also plz check if there's something wrong with the VC Tribute "distribution" vid. I think it's a bit fuc,ked up as seeking isn't possible and the movie won't play past 4:00 when all players say it's 4:29. I've checked twice to be sure it wasn't me. Thx in advance.

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Prokopis just said exactly what i was thinking about the movie :shock:

The bails, misses , and lucky ones should have been left out ( doesnt show "original" stunts)

There werent many what i would call original stunts in it, lots of them i seen before or SM'rs ussually use them ( 3 or 4 were completly new to me)

When i read your posts before it was released i was expecting somthing much greater ,however after seeing it i must say it wasnt what i had expected.

This is the only things i didnt like, the editing was great so was the music and the syncing of it, but the stunts which is a BIG part of the stuntvids werent :(

Overall a good ( not great ) movie.

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Well this might sound like a cop out, but there is a limit to what can be done.

Sure....if that limit has already been reached then I shouldn't do a new stunt video, but I have to believe that more than 80% of the best stunts have been done before. There are more than 100 stunt videos out there for Vice City...most of which suck because they were put together in Windows Movie Maker. The ones that didn't suck were anywhere from good to amazing.

There just aren't a lot of stunts to do anymore in the game without modding.

People kept bugging me to make a follow-up to Vice City Tribute. I know I won't be able to top that probably unless I get better stunts as well as better mission cut scenes.

I agreed and put it online a few days ago.

Thanks for the comments.

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Sure....if that limit has already been reached then I shouldn't do a new stunt video, but I have to believe that more than 80% of the best stunts have been done before. There are more than 100 stunt videos out there for Vice City...most of which suck because they were put together in Windows Movie Maker. The ones that didn't suck were anywhere from good to amazing.

There just aren't a lot of stunts to do anymore in the game without modding.

exactly. i was going to do a stunt video myself, but after reading peoples reviews of the other videos on these forums if you do anything that theyv seen before you get put down immediantly.

as he said, there isnt a lot of new things to do anymore. u cant just jump onto a boat these days, thats been done. u cant do a 3600, thats been done to. you cant use packers and whatnot to get to new places, thats also been done.

i just dont see much of a point in making vids anymore when theres nothing new to do (not enuf to do a full movie anyways)

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Great vid, and Prok already pointed out tons of things i was going to say.. There is still so much original stuff you can do in VC stunting wise, so lets keep innovating. Are you going to work on another vid d8cam, because i might have a couple stunts for ya :wink:

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Well all in all this was a good video, far above the majority of other stunt videos out there. Although, I would not rank it within the top videos of all time.

Some of you are saying there is no original material left in vice city, i think you are completely wrong. I like the fact that the community no longer considers a 360 a bad as hell stunt. To me watching someone do a 360 over a gap is just boring. Just because things have been done doesn't mean you can't do them. I have seen things in many peoples vids where i am thinking to myself "they could have done that soooo much better" these people find the spots, they just don't give the spot time to reach its full potential, therefor leaving the spot for a more experienced stunter to come in and truely pop its cherry.

Its like the old joke goes... Where the new stunters are the young bull and the experienced stunters are the old bull and the cows are the stunt locations..

JOKE -> there are two bulls standing on a hill top over looking all of their cows, the young bull says to the older one "lets run down there and f**k that fine cow ass cow!"... the older bull says "how about we walk down there and f**k 'em all."

Basicly, you can do whats been done before just do the spot alot better, which in many cases isn't hard at all.

Anyway i am in class now and this is all i can type right now, about to head out to another one. I will finish this post later.

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and now i feel like a side of as... *ahem* beef =p

to shorten my friend's colourful expressions.. Spend more time on your exclusive areas, watch lots of videos (lots) and practice alot... try to copy stunts you see and like, and think outside the square

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*cough* box. *cough*

mmmm! beeef! :wink:

I did find this video really good. :wink:8)

Sorry. but I am on the other side... I see all these stunt videos now as nothing but a repeat, repeat, repeat.. (you get my point.) :wink:

I agree with what bloody had to say ... there are a lot of spots out there & most have been done. *just not done *WELL ENOUGH*.... :(

*I see it as having patience... In America its been known that we are losing our patience as the generations come... *its so sad 2.. :oops:

I just hate sitting in front of my pc for 2 hours on 1 spot tryin to beat, or make look better with what was already done. ?? :?::wink:

O well.. just make vids... I guess? btw! :P:wink::idea:

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