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fraps problem

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I have gathered a ton of footage for my stunt video. on irc when i send the files to my friend to edit it, both archived and regular, they dont play on his PC. what could be the problem, and how could i fix this? he is verry good at editing video. btw, its uncompresed video straight from fraps. if anyone can tell me how to fix this, that would be cool.


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and? what did you/he do? installed fraps? would be useful to post the

solution for the other ppl (maybe its possible w/o installing?)

I am sorry :cry: .. I had also run into this problem. There is a codec called *F??1* or something like that. You can not find this codec on the internet. (at least I could not..) & the only way you can *pretty much* get it, is by installing fraps.... :roll::(:shock::?

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