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Pause Alert


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Like most MTA'ers I hate wasting ammo on people who are paused, legitimately or otherwise. I was wondering if there was a way to tie a certain action to pausing or alt-tabing that would alert people to the player's status.

If I rember correctly there is a cheat code in VC that causes your character to appear as if he was having a smoke.

Why not make it so that pausing activates the "certiandeath" cheat.

It's kind of fitting I guess, "hey guys i gota have a smoke, BRB".

You could argue that this promotes bad habits, but in that case I think smoking the last thing we should worry about MTA teaching people.

I dont know if this can be done or if it would be worth the trouble, just thought i'd suggest it.

BTW thanks for MTA and everything

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That's a funny idea

I prefer to boot ppl who pause it is maybe the most inconsiderate thing someone can do besides cheating. When you attack someone and they clearly pause to wait you out it is sickening. I ask them and if they say they are crashed fine but if they start moving again they are kicked.

I would like to see the "on the cell phone" amimation pop up when someone presses T to talk. If that is possible. The cigarette idea is funny but like you said it encourages bad habit.

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I think changing the character isnt that good , it woud mean changing and sending data to all clients eachtime it happens ( almost like a new player)

However a way i think could work and is easily doable is making a text appear where the health bar is that says [Paused] or something like that , since the healthbar already sends data eachtime its changed it seems easier and just adding text is easier then the character deal .

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i think its a great idea to put a icon above thier head while theyre paused, and maybe even another one if theyre out of game altogether (crashed). it would help alot

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- Making a paused player's actor smoke or hold his mobile shoe would mean they'd have to go fishing for animations again and you know how many are missing already...

- No xenex, a player already sends his movement data along with everything else in each cycle. I don't see why transmiting some other special value instead of a movement vector would create as much an overhead as you predict there ("almost like a new player"). I mean he's either doing one thing or another. Dunno I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.

- Substituting the coloured bars for a PAUSED text seems the best way to go about it to me. GG man (y).

- Non-ingame players could either be displayed with a different colour, or font, or some other indication such as some specially reserved character or tag. Plenty of ways to do that, but in the end it's really not that crucial, rather just informative.

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The heart of my suggestion is to make it visually apparent when some one is paused/alt-tabbed. The smoking thing was just and idea of how to go about it.

As long as you can tell that the player is paused then you really cant go wrong. Furthermore I think Betty's idea would work very well. :D

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