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MTA 0.4 idea

Guest wwars

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I know this is for ideas but dont you guyz think its a little to late to be shoutin out ideas. I really dont care about wut the MTA team adds as long as they fix those annoying bugs cuz theirs a whole lot of them. Anyways keep up the good work fellas and plz take your time dont listen to all these kids tryin to rush you. Remember time is a virtue.:wink:

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yeha nd i hope mta 0.4 isnt a big hype for nothing! :?

Why would it be? Firstly, we know (virtually) nothing about the feature list - all we know is that it will be better than 0.3, which is probable.

I suppose that people could be disappointed if suggestions weren't taken into account - for example, the infamous exception error, but it was never said that these bugs would be fixed (in this version).

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