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Ok ive started a movie and its not a stunt one its a story based one ive seen alot of movies on this but i feel known have ever been cool so ive decided to make one part 1 will b about 10mins long im half way through it there will b no previews until it is finished i never knew making a movie took somuch time! lol

I just hope all of u like this movie its my first but that dont mean its gonna b noobish soon as its done ill let u guys know.

But ill tell u this ull want Part 2 right after u c part 1 lol

So keep an eye out people!! 8)

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wow its pretty good but I have some comments:

- It wasn't a bad story, not hard 2 follow, only in the beginning.

- sometimes it was a bit 2 long

- if you capture live ( not in the replay ) you shoud put the hud and the map off. If ya do that it looks more like a real "movie".

Music a 7/10

story a 7.5/10

editing a 6/10

stunts ( only 1 :wink: ) a 6/10

so overall I would give the movie a 7/10

:D nice movie guys :D

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Lol yeah good tip to go to the display options and turn the HUD and radar off for next time. The mexes were in the van going to Ammu and you could see the others waiting on the radar.

I'm not gonna start bitchin about things like short subtitles durations, grammar, spelling, or about "how the stunts weren't very good" or anything, cause I know this musta been a bitch to shoot, give parts and orders to everyone, organize and edit with all the ppl and stuff and cam angles and whatnot involved, so I wouldn't dream of discouraging you from making more stuff like that. I mean it's not what you see in every vid, but it was cool, so uh yeah... make more. Oh and get more ppl for the next project too :P.

BTW tell ppl a few things bout how you made the shots, when you had FRAPS working, etc; it might give others ideas for similar movies and that'd be good too.

Edit: Gnnnn couldn't keep it in: That grammar and spelling: DAMN man, get a fokn dictionary :twisted:!

There, I said it...

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LOL soz people thas just me spelling wasent my best thing at school ahahah thxs for ya replays.

if you capture live ( not in the replay ) you shoud put the hud and the map off. If ya do that it looks more like a real "movie".

I only found out about this halfway through the making it so part 2 will b done like that.

As for stunts there will b alot more in part 2.

I just wanted to make sumthing that aint been done b4 in MTA all the movies i c r made in Single player which is a piece of piss to do with replays ect.

Never knew a movie took so much time and space on my harddrive ahhaha ikm only left with like 1gig now!

Still ive got alot to learn this is only my first movie ever so i take all ur comments and ill fix them in the next part Thanks.

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