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The most amazing idea for MTA

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When are you cock suckers going to implement RACING into MTA god damn it. YOU SHOULD BE DOING THAT RIGHT NOW! IT SHOULD BE YOUR PRIORITY! Fucken retards. Who gives a fuck about multiple view points and garbage like that. WE WANT RACING and how long does it take you slow fuckers to update MTA? It's been like months before a last release. LAZY SLACKING SONS A BITCHES! SAN ANDREAS WILL BE OUT AND MTAVC STILL WON'T HAVE A RACING MODE! holy fuck......

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It's the team's policy to only release necessary details about upcoming versions. Therefore, a racing mode may already have been implemented (something you should have considered before flaming).


Actually, I would have said that bug fixing should be the team's priority, because there's no point in putting in a racing mode if it crashes or lags.

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