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replies within 10min

Replies about useful suggestions within 10 min, because SA-MP has more useful suggestions, since many things people suggest to make MTA are actually already there, such as your suggestions in this topic.

low system requiements for hosting server, free gamemodes, filterscripts, scripting help on there forums

When you say SA-MP is better, you're supposed to say things which SA-MP has and MTA doesn't...

fair administration team

Hahahahaha. Funny joke, man. Do you realize how they would react to discussion like this on SA-MP forums?

many players

Argumentum ad populum. Considering the brainwashing (such as lying to newbies who don't know which program to choose) done to make SA-MP player count as high as possible, this is a strong argument against SA-MP.

simple register system

When you say SA-MP is better, you're supposed to say things which SA-MP has and MTA doesn't... Oh, by the way, MTA allows designing GUIs, and it has always been that way, not like SA-MP, where all you can use is what's already done. Though I've seen a GUI designed using textdraws or something like that on SA-MP, it's not nearly as flexible as MTA GUI because of server-only scripting.

with the new update my ping has gone down a bit

Who cares about numbers? Who cares how much time the signal goes forth and back if it's still as laggy as it can be? I once tested the smoothness of player movement on SA-MP and MTA, and SA-MP with ping of 50 ms was lagging as much as MTA with 200 ms. That was back in the days when MTA didn't have as many lag reduction techniques as it has now.

Deep down in your hearts you know samp is way better

With all your "arguments" destroyed, this phrase becomes nothing but faith. You can say "I can feel it in my heart", "you just have to believe it", "many people say it's true, therefore it's true" or "this book says it's true, therefore it's true", but statements without evidence are useless.

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our admin would not have treated a player like :~, even though they post something like "samp is :~" but anyway...
fair administration team

This is funny. Long ago there was a topic on the SA-MP forums about a new version. A small debate started there, about how awesome those new features where. I left a small opinion about what I thought of these new features in the kindest manner possible, where I told I wasn't really under the impression of 2 new features after a year of development and couldn't see why people were so happy with it while MTA had those features for ages (which is probably why SA-MP got it too as Kye most likely licks the source code of MTA..). Still wasn't appreciated, got banned and was told to fuck off to MTA. Yes, fuck off is what they said.

I also remember a mapper active on the SA-MP forums. I believe his name was xSATANx or something like that. He made a bunch of epic maps, and showed them on the SA-MP forums. He placed a download but had one note on that: SA-MP didn't support the map really well, sometimes objects weren't loading or the game crashed. Alongside with that, he said that this problem did not occur in MTA's Map Editor. That was enough for the SA-MP administration team to get him banned.

Now look at this topic. We are debating about MTA and SA-MP directly, which is much more hateful than any topic on the SA-MP form has to be to get banned. Have we taken any action against you? No we haven't. You can't tell me SA-MP's administration team is better.

I dare you, I double dare you to start a topic on the SA-MP forums for a SA-MP vs MTA debate where you say MTA is better. Let's see how long it takes to get you banned.

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All I've experienced in SA-MP so far is the same font on each server and deathmatchers as well as 7/10 of the playerbase are cheaters of some form. In addition to that, SA-MP scripting is so limited that I couldn't do most of the things I've done here so far.

MTA is better in each way.

In SA-MP you get updates twice a year. In MTA you get updates every day.

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Locking this thread. It got out of control. OP's issues were solved via people replying. This isn't a debate forum.

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