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MTA:VC PCGamer mod of the month!!!

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100! hihi i voted 6 times with different proxy's :P

Firearms: 3

Sven Co-op: 2

Tactical Ops: 1

Multi Theft Auto: 100

Natural Selection: 2

Day of Defeat: 0

Eve of Destruction: 1

Desert Combat: 6

Enemy Territory: 0

Unreal II XMP: 0

UT Jailbreak: 0

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They demonstrate to whom? You realize that poll's worth jack shit? And yes Jon, you're guessing right; it is your fault. Do you really think if it was anything important, it'd have 20 votes in total for the rest of those mods? Serious polls are hit in the order of hundreds and MTA would've well drowned compared to objectively more popular mods for objectively more popular games. Oh and FYI they don't allow multiple votes either, or give non-members the right to cast theirs. Reality check...

For 4 pages now ppl have been getting their jollies from flooding a lame poll where only 20 resident newbs could be bothered to vote. They've been adding links to their sigs, they've been posting results every 2nd post and they've been encouraging others to vote too so that what would happen? MTA would be added to PCZone's next issue's CD? Yeah, ok. Good job anyway.

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I think the main problem is that they have a seriously crap forum whereby you can put a poll straight in the middle of a topic, and you only know it's there if you stumble across it accidently.

Anyway, Prokopis, it doesn't matter if no-one else votes for other mods, as the final decision lies in the hands of the disc editor. And you seem not to understand that any publicity is worthwhile, no matter how small. Not that PC Zone publicity would be small, as it has an extremely large readership (in the UK anyway).

Oh and FYI they don't allow multiple votes either, or give non-members the right to cast theirs. Reality check...

If you vote more than once, it comes up with an error and doesn't add the vote on, so it would do the same for non-members. So how come all these "non-members" managed to score it up to 100?

Also, it's not entirely my fault, as I never asked anyone to vote - I just said "look who's winning" (i.e. MTA):

And if you head over to PCZone.co.uk, they're doing a poll for the best mods for a future issue, and guess who's in the lead...

In fact, I did actually say later on that all the votes had most likely nullified the poll.

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103 you crazy poster

It's soooo important anyone who disagrees eats skat

Vote vote vote unless you enjoy a nice shit loaf from time to time

We need many more laggy europeans to start playing MTA...

Wait a tick

We need more Europeans to start servers so I can lag for a change...

Ah that's the ticket


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funny how I never seem to lag much on british server, but anyhow, the votes probably are accurately representative to the population of each community how many users does this forum have registered? and we have 103(ish) votes, less not counting whoever voted more than once i guess.

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